Welcome Home

We know you’re going. We understand why you will. Unwind, relax, all that stuff.

Puerto Galera is accessible.

Leave early from Manila to avoid being caught up in EDSA traffic, and once you’re out of the metro, SLEX and Southern Tagalog Access Road will disappoint your expectation of a long ride. Two hours on a bus with free wifi, or a free movie, is more than bearable.

You’ll arrive at Batangas port. After an hour or so, you’re at the beach, wetting your toes, and yourself, at the sea.

But where to stay there, you say?

You have lots of options. But don’t hold back on treating yourself.

  • Pick a resort at the beach front, not those requiring you to walk or to take a ride to the beach.
  • Pick a place where you can actually relax. It’s a tourist spot; there’s a lot going on at the center of that stretch of sand. Some places are in fact a little cramped.

That’s why you’re doing yourself a favor reading this and learning about Villa Bienvenida.

Just the right place.

Villa Bienvenida is at the perfect spot along the coast of White Beach, Puerto Galera.

It’s near enough to the chaos of fun that is Puerto Galera night life if you are so inclined – fire dancers, disco music, and the smell of sizzling food everywhere, but far enough from the thick of it to still enjoy a good night’s rest if need be.

Don’t take our word for it. Ask anyone who already went there, or better yet, see for yourself. 😉

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Call or text +63 918 374 7638 or email us at villa_bienvenida [at] yahoo.com for inquiries and reservation.

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