Our Rooms


2 persons per room

We have two (2) rooms with balcony facing the sea. We offer these rooms on a first-come first-served basis. (See the bottom part of the contact us page.)

Deluxe – 1 Queen-sized Bed

2 persons per room

We have four (4) rooms on the same building as the sea-view rooms. Then we have another four (4) of these on a different building behind it.

Deluxe – 2 King-sized Beds

2 to 4 persons per room

We have two (2) of these rooms on the rear building mentioned.

Family Room

2 to 4 persons per room

One (1) special room is like a little house between the building facing the sea and the building behind it. It has a spacious wooden porch. A room inside has one queen-sized bed and is air-conditioned. Outside this air-conditioned room, there’s another king-sized bed.

Manuela’s Beach Cabin

2 to 4 persons per room

A (1) special cottage on it’s own compound next to the resort is also managed by us. It has one queen-sized bed and a single bed.


Rates are comparable to adjacent resorts and vary by season. Contact us.

  • All rooms have hot shower, cable television, and air conditioning.
  • WiFi signal is strongest at the sea-view building. Cellular signal is strong all throughout. (Globe 3G, SMART 3G, SMART LTE)
  • Tissue rolls, bath soap, clean towels.
  • Back-up electricity generator.
  • Table tennis.
  • Don’t lose your room keys. If you lock yourself out, it’s alright, we have duplicate keys. But if the keys are indeed lost, we have to replace the entire door lock, and charge you for it.
  • Respect the towel. Don’t use it as a rag. Nor stain it with fresh tattoo. We have to replace it if it becomes too dirty, and charge you for it.
  • No deadly weapons please. No illegal drugs as well. We want no trouble.
  • We have a safety deposit vault for valuable things. Don’t risk those on your possession. We’re not responsible for it if it gets lost while in your care.
  • Pets that do not bite, poop, or pee are fine. Otherwise, no.
  • No cooking. No cooking implements. As much as we like food, we do not like our rooms to smell like used kitchen. There are plenty of places in White Beach where you can avail of ready-made food. There’s a restaurant in our compound, and they will deliver food to your room if you want to.
  • Check out time is 12:00 noon.

What to expect

  • Clean rooms, clean sheets, clean towels, bath soap, clean comfort rooms, tissue rolls. Restaurant inside and around the compound.
  • We can provide help on procuring drinking water by the gallons. If you prefer your water chilled, buying bottled water as needed is the way to go.
  • Trees, hammocks on trees, occasional appearances of Ms. Marie’s pet dogs on leash. Plus a friendly staff to tend to your needs.
  • WiFi speed is just enough to keep you connected on social networks. For video streaming, wake up early, like 3 a.m.
  • We are just far enough to be safe from the loud thumping music at the center of White Beach where parties happen. If that is your cup of tea, it’s still not too far away.
  • Sometimes there’s open-air live-jammin sessions at our neighbor Coco Aroma RestoBar. They do this on holidays and on weekend nights during summer. They play generally feel-good music until midnight. They do open-mic too.
  • Electricity from Oriental Mindoro Electric Cooperative is available most of the time. For the times they aren’t, we wait around 15 minutes before we turn on our back-up generator sets. During that time, hot shower and WiFi doesn’t work. Signal from cable TV does not return with the back-up power.
  • When skies are clear, and the moon is shy, the stars are awesome. No city smog here.
  • Sunsets. Especially the March-April-May ones. (The sun kind of hides behind the mountain on the western part of the coast approaching December.)

For more information, contact us.